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give the gift of giving

Welcome to FabSwapp where you can swap good quality clothes with other like-minded people. Now you can save the environment by giving away your clothes and items and finding what you want in return.

You can find all kinds of clothing like dresses, jeans, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids clothing for both girls and boys. You can find handbags and purses or if you’re looking for household items, you can find those too on FabSwapp.

Even better, you give your items a second life and you get to save money doing it.  Go ahead and sign up today, next thing you know you’ve got all the new things you’ve been looking for…all for free! All on one simple app. Get it Now!

How FabSwapp Works

Clear Out

boxes of stuff

Gather all of your unwanted items that are in good condition to take pictures and post on Fabswapp.

Earn Tokens

earn tokens

Give your items away to other users for the amount of tokens you wish to receive.  The more you give, the more you earn.

Treat Yourself

reward yourself

Use your tokens to get great items from other FabSwapp users.  Check back frequently to find the best items.

The Only App on Android & iPhone That You Can Trade Clothing for Free

FabSwapp was designed from the ground app to be the only app for Android and iOS that users can get any item for 100% free.  Users can trade clothing and other items from around their house totally free.  The app features the ability to tag and categorize items and keep track of where they were entered.  Any user can search for an item that is close to them or as far away as they want it they would like to cover the cost of shipping.  Everyone has old stuff that they would like to just give away.  FabSwapp is a virtual consignment store that helps off load the items you no longer need.