Even though people today are more conscious about what we throw away and what goes into our landfills, we still have a long way to go. As a society we need to continually reduce our solid waste and take that extra step to ask the question, “Can I recycle this or reuse it or even give it to someone else?”   Reducing, reusing and recycling are the best ways for us to do our thing for the environment and making sure we are doing everything we can while we are on the planet. Remember, our children’s children will have to live here too and we want to leave earth in good condition for them. Here are some great ideas for you that you can do it make that happen. It’s easy and will stop items from going into our landfills and you’ll be doing your thing to stop polluting.

1) Swap your clothes:

You do not need to throw away clothes into the garbage. Clothes and fabrics are made to last a long time and there is someone out there that would love to have it and even better, they won’t have to buy it…so everyone wins. You know what they say: Another man’s trash is another man’s pleasure. Now Fabswapp makes it really easy for you and the app is totally free. You can install the app, post the clothes or other household items you don’t want anymore and some will come along shortly and buy it with tokens or swap it for something else. You’ll earn tokens while someone gets a nice new item free; it’s out of your hands and out of the landfill.

2) You don’t need to buy that much stuff

We all don’t need to be like Madonna and live in a material world. Think about if you really need that product and will it really make your life any better, or will it end up in the trash in three months because you got tired of it. More and more people are living a minimalist lifestyle now. Just look at the people in Japan! They have small apartments and have just what is needed so it doesn’t take up much room.

3) Recycle it

Everything can be recycled in some way, shape or fashion. Make a trip down to your local recycle center and you will be amazed at all the things you can recycle.

4) Recycled products are cool

Look at all the labels of the items you buy to see if it comes from recycled products. They are all great products; most of the time it’s just the way they are packaged that is good for the environment.

5) Composting works

This is an easy one. You can do this in your backyard and it’s good for the plants for fertilizer. Most cities in the modern world even bring you a green container for composting if you live in an apartment or do not have a big yard.

6) No more plastic shopping bags

At this day and age there is no need for plastic bags. You can buy a cloth or reusable shopping bag and use that instead of asking for plastic at the shopping market. Make it a habit to leave them in the car so they are there when you get to the store.

7) Get Rechargeable batteries

It’s 2016 and everything can be recharged from cell phones to AAA batteries. Regular batteries are terrible for landfills and eventually leak into earth and all those man made chemicals are simply harmful.

8) Eat Healthy

When you eat healthy, you feel better and look better. You don’t need to eat fast food with all the wrappers and packaging that comes with it. Eat natural foods that come with their own packaging and are better for you and any waste goes into the compost pile.

9) Boycott Water Bottles

First thing you have to do is get a water purifier for your house or purchase large water bottles and then fill up your personal reusable container that will last longer.

10) Buy items that use recycled packaging

There are lots of products out there that use recycled cartons. All you need to do is look at the box or label and it will tell you where it comes from and how it was recycled. You can even see the recycled symbol proudly presented on the item.

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Fabswapp was made for the environment so that good quality used clothes can be reused and make someone else happy. Next time you clean out your closet or garage and find that box of clothes you don’t know what to do with, post them on Fabswapp and save someone else a pile and money and save the environment or landfill from another pile of unwanted clothes or household items.

Get on over to Fabswapp today and find lots of great clothing for free and keep it out of our landfills You can download the Fabswapp app now on Google Play or Apple iTunes and find something you’ll need for free. You’ll be saving money and the environment and that is best for both. We’ll even give you 100 tokens for signing up. Remember every time you post something of yours on Fabswapp, you’ll get 5 free tokens. And you will also be helping us reduce the waste in landfills. 

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