When we all grew up there wasn’t that many books out there that specifically educated kids and were written for kids to learn about the environment. Well, the times have changed and now there are lots of books that you can have your kids read and get up to speed on the need for all of us at any age to become aware and save our environment. Our kids will inherit a world that is changing drastically and learning about what to do now and make it a popular topic will make it a part of their lifestyle and in the end everyone wins, including mother earth.

We all know it’s one thing to make kids aware of the environment and how to save it, but it’s another to have them continue to read something that keeps them interested. The best books we found are storybooks with lots of bright colourful illustrations that will keep your kids intrigued and keep reading. Finding books that are educational and fun for them is a challenge, so we set out to do the homework for you and this is what we found and liked:

  1. Not Your Typical Book about the Environment

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This is a fun book to read for kids because it has a positive angle on the environment and aims to ease some of these fears by showing how all is not lost. This book has some really great illustrations and is interesting, fun, straightforward and educational. What makes this book so engaging is that the author talks about how Bee’s can help world peace, seaweed and algae make up a lot of what’s in our ice cream, and buses can be powered by poop. The author uses descriptive diagrams to make complicated topics easy to understand for kids along with a great story line.

2. All the World

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This book describes how we are all part of one world and that we all play a major role in everything that goes on with it. The author Marla Frazee brings us a children’s book to remind little ones (and adults) that from the oceans to tree branches to rainy days, ‘all the world is all of us.’ This is a great angle and story for kids because it shows that not only are we all connected but also that we can all do something to contribute and save our environment.

3.The Tree

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This is a really good book and takes the angle of protecting the environment from a speaking tree that is 800 years old. The tree talks about what he has seen and come and go. The tree talks about how he can even hear the machinery in the distance in the distance and wonders if it will be destroyed soon. It’s written poetically and in steady rhythm making if fun, easy to understand and will keep your little ones interested until the end. The best part is that it makes kids feel empowered to do something to keep their world alive for generations to come.

4. The Water Hole

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.24.42 AM

This is a storybook that talks about how wild animals come to a water hole to drink and they keep drinking. The animals that come to the water hole include: One rhino, then two tigers, followed by three toucans, and so on and so forth all the way up to ten kangaroos. The illustrations in this book are amazing, colourful and highly detailed making them vivid and engaging. But as all the animals keep drinking with each new group of visitors, after a while there is no more water to drink. It’s only after a large rainfall that the water hole is replenished and revives the lush surroundings.

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