At this day and age, with all the information at your fingertips with the Internet and easy access to finding out how to lead a more healthy lifestyle of sustainable living you can still maintain your quality of life or make it even better. We have the Top 10 list of how you can easily become Eco-Friendly and with these tips you’ll soon be saving the environment and your hard earned money too.

1) Swap your clothes: Today clothes are made to last and even though fashions may change with every season they are still made with the same fabrics and dyes, similar styles and looks. In fact, most clothes still have 90% of their life left in them that are thrown away. Time for you to become Eco-friendly and apps like Fabswapp are perfect for you to easily take a picture, post and wait for everyone to come take it off your hands. You can also use this app for any household item including books, toys, accessories, games, shoes and anything around the house that is still good but you’re not using.

2) Cook from scratch: We all live in a fast paced world but if you simply plan a little bit ahead you can easily cook at home and that will be better for your health and the environment as well. And think of all the money you will save. All those pre made frozen foods and instant dishes all come with heavy packaging and make a lot of waste when you throw all that away. Besides, everyone loves a home cooked meal, just make it part of your everyday routine.

3) Drive less: We don’t need to drive as much as we think we need to. If you just need to go a short distance to the store or there is easy access to transit and it’s just you going, then think if you really need to take your car every time you step outside. If you think this way, you will walk, ride a bike and take the bus, which is better for the environment and you can stay in shape too.

4) Grow you own food: This is easier than you think to do. Even if you have a small yard are live in an apartment, just set aside a certain area for some pots or trays and start from there. There are also lots of communal gardens in the big cities now too that you can participate in. Start a garden and pretty soon you will see if grow and you get the added sense of accomplishment to go with your healthy lifestyle and save money too.

5) Reusable water bottles: Instead of buying those 24 packs of bottled water install a water purifier for your house and fill up your new reusable water bottle. Nowadays reusable water bottles are stylish and cool to own. Plus, you will be plastic water bottle free.

6) Install a low flow showerhead: Even showerheads are high tech now and you can purchase one that is adjustable and you can save between 25 to 60% less water when you’re in the shower. And they are cheap to purchase, so there is no excuse not to have one.

7) Fix any leaky faucets in the house: Time to stop all that dripping from the faucets and save water and money. If you have a leaking faucet, get it fixed or replace it, if it’s old. A leaky faucet can waste a lot of water and they are annoying to listen to dripping all the time.

8) Go Solar: Solar technology is getting better and cheaper by the day. Seems everything from pools to garden lights have solar attached to them. There are even some homes that are run off solar energy. So, do your homework and see if you can even put a small solar panel on your home to get the savings on energy started.

9) Unplug things: Electricity takes a lot of energy and having unessessary things plugged is simply a waste of money. Only keep the needed items plugged in like refrigerators and ovens.

10) Reduce your books: Books that you have already read and are sitting around the house taking up space are also a fire hazard. You can put those good used books on Fabswapp and someone will come along and love to read it. Just take a picture of it and load it up on the app and before you know it, someone else nearby is enjoying it too.

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