There’s only another month of summer to go and pretty soon we are all going to be heading to the garage, closets and other storage spaces to find a place where we can put our summer items away until next year. And when you go to your storage area you will be looking for the things you’ll need for fall and winter. There will be those long forgotten items like women’s clothes, men’s clothes, kid’s clothes, hats, gloves, shoes and other items that you don’t really want anymore and you can’t believe you haven’t given that stuff away yet! Wait, don’t throw them away or give them to the Goodwill or Salvation Army when you can have some fun and get new things for winter…all free at Fabswapp.

We are here to help you with our Top Ten Ways To Give Away Your Stuff:

  1. FabSwapp: This is the best way to give away your stuff because it’s absolutely free, efficient and you can get set up in seconds and start posting right from your mobile phone. Whether you’re on Android on IOS, you can start swapping for the things you don’t want for the things you do want.   All you need to do is install the app, load up your items whether it’s for women, men, kids, accessories, handbags, books, games, toys or anything you want to give-away. Once you load up your items to the app, you’ll be getting requests fast to take it off your hands and make someone else happy. You’ll even be able to update your wardrobe for fall and winter too with all the reward tokens you’ll be earning and you’re going to get from giving away the items you don’t need anymore. And you’re going to be environmental too.

2) Family: The next stop is to see if someone in your immediate or extended family could use the items you want and give them all call and see if they can use it. Things like kids clothes should be the first one, as your kids will be growing out of those clothes you bought for them last winter. Time to have them over for coffee!

3) Friends: All our friends will be looking for things to for the start of the school season and the coming winter. So, write up a list of the things you want to give away and start calling them to see if they need anything and you’ll get it ready for them to pick it up or your can drop it off.

4) Neighbours: That’s right, time to head on to your friendly neighbours and tell them you’re getting rid of some things your don’t need anymore and invite them over to have a look. Make the items all look presentable, nice and clean and before you know it all the items are gone.

5) Yard Sale: Time to break out the Sharpie felt pens and make some beautiful posters to put up around the neighbourhood. Go down to the local school, church, coffee shop or even gym and put up the posters for a weekend of selling or giving away all those things. Have the whole family get involved and you just might make a few extra dollars for school supplies and maybe ever more.

6) Swap meets: There are always some form of swap meets or other meet ups for people who like to swap and trade household items, clothes, toys, tools, books, games or other items they want to get rid of. You might even make a couple dollars for the higher value things.

7) Flea Market: You can always find a central flea market in the bigger cities or towns and they are more organized and at a fixed location. They are usually held on a weekends so you will have to get up early, get set up and prepare to be there all day our until all your items are gone.

8) Donate: Most cities have clothes donation kiosks around town where you can donate your items. All you need to do is find out where they are located drive down there and put them in the kiosk.

9) Recycle Companies: With everyone becoming more conscious about our environment there are now lots of great companies and franchises like Return it, 1-800-Got Junk, Junk King and many others that will take away your things and recycle them for a fee.

10) Schools: Head on over to your local school and ask if they can use some of the clothes for kid’s games, girl’s or dress up games or to use for art classes and things where old men’s shirts can be used to protect their clothes from paint and glue.

Start with Fabswapp and let go of all those items

Fabswapp is the perfect way for all those items that you want to get rid of and want to make it easy without much effort. After all you’re busy and next thing you know it will be time to prepare the kids for back to school. You can install Fabswapp fast on your mobile device, take some pictures and before you know it, your things are gone and you can find things you’ll need and save all that money and the environment. Whatever you do, do not throw them in the garbage especially at this day and age where you can find lots of ways to pass them on and give them a solid second life.

Get on over to Fabswapp today and clear out your storage area when you see just how much stuff you really do have. You don’t need to go to the Goodwill. You can download the Fabswapp app now on Google Play or Apple iTunes and find something you’ll need for free. You’ll be saving money and the environment and that is best for both. We’ll even give you 100 tokens for signing up. Remember every time you post something of yours on Fabswapp, you’ll get 5 free tokens. And you will also be helping us reduce the waste in landfills. 

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Get the app that allows you to swap your clothes and other suff with local people just like you.
Get the app that allows you to trade up your unwanted clothing and other stuff with local people like you.