How about a Swap Party right at your finger tips? With technology today, there is no reason to procrastinate on anything like clearing your household clutter and used clothes, since everything can and will be right at your fingertips when it comes to organizing your life. And now that you made the smart move to install the amazing Fabswapp app and you’re now ready to start going through your closet, garage or storage area and finding what you don’t use anymore…but it’s still good. It’s time to figure out what you want to upload for everyone to see so they can happily take it off your hands. We’ll show you how to get lots of interested customers to be able to find you quickly.

Get ready, now for the fun part: Playing photographer and getting your item ready for all those potential customers.

Step 1: Photos

You will be adding pictures of your items so it’s important that they look great on your posting. You can find the “Add Item” button on the bottom right. Make sure your item is nice and clean, ironed and presentable. Now it’s time to take the picture that will make you item look fantastic to everyone. If you like, some people even like to model their items so others can see what it looks like in action…it’s your choice.

You will have the option of taking a photo or you can pick from your photo gallery on your device. Fabswapp works on both Android and IOS. The best thing to do is take a few shots of the item so you can have a good variety and angles to post, and that way your viewer will have a lots of images to look at and they’ll get a better idea of what they are looking at.

Make sure the lighting is good in the room and you take a few shots that highlight all areas of the item. If it’s an outfit with a few items, like a dress and sweater; then make sure to include all those into the photos or take individual shots of them so they can all be presented for the viewer.

Tips: A) Clean your camera lens – any fingerprints will make the shot blurry   B) Take the picture in a room with natural light and 3) Use a natural background to help your item stand out!

Step 2: Category

Here is where you will select a category like women’s dress, women’s top, women’s bottom, shoes, jewellery, bag/purse, kids, men’s top, men’s bottom, maternity, books, games and men, kids etc. where it will be posted. It’s important that you select the right category so that people will find you in the correct area. Just like regular shopping. Then hit next step.

Step 3: Tokens

Select the amount of tokens you think that the item is worth. A token is not real money and it’s up to you to decide how many tokens to ask for. What do you think it’s worth? For example, if you paid $30 for the item, then use 30 tokens as your benchmark.

Step 4: Information

This is where you put the detailed information on the items like the size and condition. For sizes you can choose a range from: XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40, XL/42, 2XL/44 and 3XL/46. You need to be honest about the condition of your item so the person who sees it has a good understanding of what they are getting for their tokens. For the condition of the item you can choose: New, lightly used, good condition, fairly used or heavily used.

Step 5: Description

Here is where you give more details on your item like: Colour, brand, description and keywords. You can add many keywords so that people will find it when they are searching for a specific item that will match yours and make it easy for them to locate. The just hit save button and you will be prompted to add another item if you like or review the item too. You can do this for women’s clothes, men’s clothes, kid’s clothes, shoes, accessories, books, games, and miscellaneous items.

Time to Chat

Don’t be afraid to use the chat button to engage into a conversation with the other person you are swapping with.  Once you have made the swap, that is the time to press the chat button and begin talking with that person so you can complete the swap.

Now you’re ready to swap on Fabswapp:

There you go, you are now ready to have people come see your posting and get all the details on your item. In no time at all, there will loads of people making offers and even chatting with you. You will be notified with a push notification every time someone wants to chat with you or make an offer. It will be up to you to get back to them quickly so you can accept their offer and make a successful swap.

Now you know how to get the most from Fabswapp today, take great pictures and use the app to clear out your closet and find new things you want fast You can download the Fabswapp app now on Google Play or Apple iTunes and find something you’ll need for free. You’ll be saving money and the environment and that is best for both. We’ll even give you 100 tokens for signing up. Remember every time you post something of yours on Fabswapp, you’ll get 5 free tokens. And you will also be helping us reduce the waste in landfills. 

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