The summer is really hot this year compared to most summers past.  Everyone is looking for a way to keep cool.  AC, water sprinklers and swimming pools are a great way to keep cool while relaxing at home.  That is until you have to cover up and go to work or do some shopping.

Surprisingly what you wear really does affect how your body reacts to temperatures.  No, I am not referring to sweaters vs t-shirts; more about what fabric is the best for heat.  When your body is hot it needs to cool down, this is done by sweating.  This is a good thing.  Don’t think of sweating as being a stinky and awful.  Everyone does it all day long.

It is very important for you to take this into consideration when picking what clothing to wear.

There is a lot of debate over cotton vs synthetics.  After all under armor is famous for sports clothing right.

There are 4 fabrics that are ideal for hot temperatures, those are cotton, pima cotton, linen and tropical wool.  One thing that you will notice is that all 4 are natural products.

The reason why natural materials are better is because they allow the sweat and moisture to be pulled off of your body and transferred to the outside of your clothing where it can dry off.  This has good and bad points.  Who loves sweat marks on their clothing?

Lighter colored clothing shows less signs of sweat.  This is ideal for the summer time.  No one wants to have to change their shirt many times during the day.

Now let’s move onto what not to wear.  Nylon is the number 1 fabric to avoid.  Although it is used in all of the trendy workout clothes, it will make your skin vulnerable to chaffing when you sweat.  I would however highly recommend nylon for swim wear as it does not absorb water well and will increase the swim suits performance.

Also on the list is polyester and silk.  Both of which have water resistant properties that can make your skin irritated when you sweat.

Now you may be wondering what about that synthetic material that is transparent. It looks light and airy. That material is called rayon, and although it looks light and airy, it is far from it.  Its cell like material allows seat to actually build up and hold it.  This causes the material to stick to your skin and irritates your skin.

Keep Calm and wear cotton.

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