Users from all over the world have lots of questions about FabSwapp.  This is the starting point for getting those answers you have been wanting to ask.  If you do not find your answer in our FAQ, feel free to send as a message using the form below.


You can pick any item that you want in FabSwapp.  There is no limit on how far it is from you.

It is the responsibility of the buyer / receiver of the item to pay for any shipping related expenses.

It is possible to buy shipping from your local postal agency such as USPS, all that you require is the “To & From” addresses as well as the dimensions and weight of the package.  Once purchased you can email the shipping label to the “Seller” and they can stick it on the package and send it to you.

Once you have placed a bid, it is the obligation of the bidder / buyer to message the “seller” using either the built in chat or email or even both.
If you do not get a response from the “Seller” you can cancel your order and click on report item as the seller may not be active anymore.
As long as nothing has been shipped you can simply refund the item so others can bid on it.
People take items on FabSwapp based on appearance alone.  If you item is not popular you may want to retake the pictures you took to show it off.  Start off by cleaning the leans of the camera before you take the picture.  Having a sharp and in focused picture really helps.  Next pick a very neutral background such as the back of a door or a white sheet.  Also take the picture with as much natural light as possible as lights such as florescent dull the colors and make the items look boring.

We need to know what you are giving away.  Sometimes a picture is not enough.  There are many items on FabSwapp that no one knows what it is.

FabSwapp was built on the same principle as Craiglist.  More than over a decade, strangers have been meeting in person to exchange items.  Use your common sense.  Always meet in a public place or a place that you feel safe.
FabSwapp is about giving and not selling, you are not obligated to buy anything that is on the app.

Every item is negotiable for the number of tokens you are willing to give.  If the seller does not accept then they will not be giving the item away.  We highly encourage bartering.  It is fun and makes the whole process more exciting.

In order for your friends to get your promo code you must copy the promo code and paste it into the Facebook share window.  Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow us to pre-populate your own messages.
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Shipping An Item?

Ship with USPS pre-paid shipping @ https://www.usps.com/ship/online-shipping.htm

Pay for the item and send it to the seller to place on the package.  Best part is, no money is exchanged.

If you are in Canada you can use https://www.canadapost.ca/personal/tools/cst/intro-e.asp