How To Clean A Backpack

Every year, students go shopping for back to school.  One of the most common items is a backpack.  Most backpacks never get the lifespan they were designed for.  Almost every manufacture offers a lifetime warranty on their product and no one takes them up on it.  Why do people wastefully throw these very useful accessories to the side?

They are dirty, so dirty that they look awful and can ruin anyone’s overall appearance.  So why don’t people wash them.  Most people are afraid that washing will make them fall apart or help grow mold inside or make the fabric fray.

All of this is possible with any clothing, however backpacks are typically made of synthetic material that will not fray while being washed, however there is a chance that it could grow mold or fall apart.  This is why you need to know how to wash them properly.

Typically a backpack should be washed 1 – 2 times per year.  This is really easy to do.  The first thing that you should note right up front.  Do not use a washing machine or dryer, this is a hand washing exercise.

clean backpack for going back to school

To get started cleaning you backpack you will need some light duty laundry detergent, a micro fiber cloth, vacuum, and a tooth brush.

  1. The first thing that you will want to do is empty all of the contents of the backpack.  This sounds obvious, although it is surprising how many people leave things inside.  Make sure to leave all zippers and pockets open.
  2. next using a vacuum, suck up any lint, crumbs, paper shreds, left over cheerios etc.. from inside the backpack.  Be sure not to rub the material too much as you may rip the inner lining.
  3. Fill up a large sink or bathtub with luke warm water and add a small amount of detergent.
  4. Soak the bag for 10 minutes
  5. Using the toothbrush rub any areas that are heavily stained.  You can use stain remover for the really stuck stuff.
  6. Using the micro fiber cloth, wipe down the enter backpack on the inside and outside until clean
  7. Rinse the backpack thoroughly until the all soap is no longer present
  8. Leaving all zippers and pockets open, hang the bag upside down and allow to air dry.  Do not place the backpack near any heat source.

Important Tips

backpacks will eventually wear out, this is something that no one can avoid. However, you can increase its life span and avoid any mishaps when out.

Wipe Down Regularly

Wiping your bag down, inside and out, with a damp cloth on a regular basis will help minimize the build-up of dirt.

Keep Water Out

Mold can build up on backpacks if they get wet and are not dried properly before storing or using again. Silicone spray is a great way of making your backpack water resistant, however with some materials this can darken the color and not allow the material to look the same way it was when new.  Lots of backpacks come with rain covers use them or make shift ones (you could use a black plastic bag and bungee cords around the outside) to reduce the possibility of your bag, and its contents, getting wet.

Pack Sensibly

heavy items put a lot of stress on the materials, not to mention your kids.  Never pack more than 10 pounds into a backpack, no mater what the size is.  Packing sharp objects may cause damage to the bag, including pens, pencils, rulers, compass or even a sharp pencil case.  Place items so that they are not likely to pierce through the material.

This can be achieved by packing these objects tightly against other objects so that there is limited movement or even packing them within softer objects like clothing.

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