We all grew up watching Christmas movies on tv.  Watching stories of Mr. Scrooge being very selfish and not helping anyone enjoy the Christmas holidays.  We grew up knowing that we must give to those who are in need.  There are many people out there that are hardworking trying to put food on the table and a roof over their head.  There are others who just cannot find employment in their area and cannot move to an area that has work.

The winter months we see a high demand for charity across the globe as the weather gets colder demand for items such as jackets and boots become higher.  With the unemployment rate in the United States sitting at 4.9% there are some states such as California which are seeing most the struggle.  California is currently sitting at a 12.1% unemployment.  This means that 4.6 million people are out of work and cannot provide for their families just in the state of California.

The local food banks are a great starting point if you want to donate.  Giving money to a food bank allows fresh vegetables and meat to be handed out to those in need.  A lot of people donate none perishable foods and that is good, however nearly half of these foods must be thrown away because of damage, contamination and expiry prior to arrival.  Money donations to a food bank go a long way compared to the average person shopping at a grocery store.  A food bank on average can get 4 times more food out of a single dollar.

The average household spends $8200 per year on food.  With California food banks server 2 million residents you can image the amount of money required to keep everyone fed.  During the Christmas season, food banks receive 80% of their yearly funding.  Again, this is because it’s the season of giving.

poor girl gets gift because of donations

This article is about the gift of giving.  Food is a great start, but one thing that most people love to have is that special day where they can give their families something that they normally could never give.  Most of us have these things around the house that we do not use anymore.  These are items like dresses, a nice pair of shoes, a warm cozy jacket, a pair of gloves and much more.

There are many charities that will pick up your used stuff and sell them in a second-hand store to those in need.  But keep in mind these items are being sold to those with little or no money.  Why place a middle man to give your unwanted stuff to those in need?

There are many apps on the market that allow you to post your items for sell and even just to give them for free.  This is your opportunity to do something great for everyone around you.  Just imagine that person you walk by everyday as you get your morning coffee at Starbucks, you may think that they are in the same place as you and they are well off.  However, everyone has their own stories and hardships and you would be amazed at the stories you would hear from your neighbor’s.

Give to those in need this Christmas season so that they can give to their loved ones.  Give the gift of giving.

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