Now that your new baby is all settled into his/her new home and room, after a few months it’s time to start thinking of some good toys for them to play with that will let them learn and have fun. You will also get some great pictures of them at this precious age playing with their toys. As you can imagine there are lots of toys out there, but there are only some that we would recommend as toys can be expensive and depending on how they are made can be harmful to babies. Keep in mind that you can also go to Fabswapp and find lots of great toys for your little one to play with and have fun and they are free to swap with other parents on the app. So that will save you lots of money and they are all in great condition and have years of playing still left in them.

1)Manhattan Toy: A Dinoztory Book

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This could easily be your babies first book as it’s cute, colourful and made with safe fabrics. It’s simple with only four pages and it will provide for some good fun and is soft to the touch. The good thing is that it can easily be cleaned with soap and water so no worries if it gets dirty. There is a Velcro clasp so it can be closed and put away nicely. (Recommended ages: 6+ months)

2) VTech: Busy Learners Activity Cube

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If you’re looking for something that is interactive and excellent for learning, then this toy is perfect for you kids. There are 14 manipulative features that will teach your baby to twist, turn and spin objects freely. The five activities will enable your baby to have fun while stimulating their senses. (Recommended ages: 6 months to 3 years)

3) Lego Duplo: My First Rocket

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Your kids will have a blast with their first Lego toy. We all grew up with Lego and even today it’s still one of the best toys for kids.   Kids can build a colourful rocket and planet with the Lego Duplo’s chunky bricks. They will develop their motor skills and the bricks are specifically made for their little hands. Kids will be able to count, build, play and more with one moon, two planets and three stars. (Recommended ages: 1.5 to 5 years)

4) LeapFrog: Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

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It’s time for your baby to go on a picnic with this amazing talking picnic set that will entertain them for hours. They can play with all the toy version of the items that we all take on our picnics like: Six food items, two plates, two forks, two cups, one blanket and one basket. You kids can learn songs, sound effects, learn how to sort, match and stack all on one picnic trip. (Recommended ages: 6 months to 3 years)

5) Educational Insights: GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

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This is a perfect toy for the little scientist in your family. An educational toy, that has hands-on activities and will help children take a closer look at things and learn more about world around them.   By placing things under the microscope they can take a look at a range of magnifications and increase the size from 2.5x to 8x. Great ways for them have fun and see things in greater detail while inspiring them to learn even more. (Recommended ages: 3+ years)

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There are lots of great toys out there for kids that are perfect for them and they will learn so much while providing hours of fun and laughs for a long time. But most toys can be expensive and with an average cost of $20 for each toy, that can add up fast. Before you head to any toy store, make sure you install the Fabswapp app and check out what toys have been posted first. There are tons of toys on the app that are looking for a new home and kids to play with them just like Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. Remember him? You’ll be keeping toys out of the landfills and keeping your money in your pockets for other things.

Get on over to Fabswapp and see how you can check off your toys list for your kids so you can find something they will love. You can download the Fabswapp app now on Google Play or Apple iTunes and find something you’ll need for free. You’ll be saving money and the environment and that is best for both. We’ll even give you 100 tokens for signing up. Remember every time you post something of yours on Fabswapp, you’ll get 5 free tokens. And you will also be helping us reduce the waste in landfills. 

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