FabSwapp’s environmentally friendly mobile app was featured on Discovery Channel’s technology show Newswatch last week

Vancouver, Canada (June 27, 2016) – MobiBlossom Solutions Inc. maker of the popular FabSwapp app was featured on the Discovery Channel’s technology focused program Newswatch on Friday June 24th at 10 am EDT. The user-friendly FabSwapp mobile app allows people to swap good quality clothes, making it easy to do and there is no money exchanged. This environmentally driven app gives clothes a new life and keeps them out of landfills as today’s clothes last a lot longer than most people think.

Over the years FabSwapp has built an ever-growing green community of like-minded people who are going through their closets and swapping clothes they no longer wear or kids have outgrown. This community is seeking to keep clothes alive and pass them on to other people who are looking for good quality clothes or simply wanting to update current wardrobes without spending lots of money or in this case nothing. People simply gather up clothes they want to giveaway, take pictures and load them up onto the app for people to view and then swap them when someone wants it. They earn FabSwapp tokens for any actions they take for interacting with the app and they use these special tokens to purchase clothes or other household items.

FabSwapp’s CEO Mina Sabbaghian states: “Our main focus is to provide a community where we create a sustainable lifestyle as most clothes that are thrown away typically have 90% of their life left. We want to give those items a second life and that way consumers win, save money and save the environment. This also builds a community based on a Give Free, Get Free, Guilt Free philosophy.”

One obviously big market for the FabSwapp app are mothers who are conscious about how much baby clothes can cost and how fast they grow out of them when the fabric and styles are still good. Growing families will also find the app helpful for finding all sorts of quality clothes before they decide to spend hard earned money on new ones. The categories on the app range from: Women, Men and Kid’s clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Books, Games and more. When people interact with the app they earn tokens from everything they do like loading up pictures of items and swapping. It’s a fact that clothes can be a major family expense each year and they can take up a lot of room in someone’s house especially if they aren’t being used or simply stored.

Mina also added: “Bartering has been around since the beginning of time, lets bring it back 21st century style. Furthermore, each person throws away on average 70 lbs of clothing every year and most of this material can be reused. We want to give these clothes a second life, keep them out of landfills and save people hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year in clothing expenses…and it’s working.”

The FabSwapp community is growing geographically and they are looking to expand globally. Now that the app will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s Newswatch; this episode will give it more exposure to the North American market and directly save even more clothes while cleaning up our environment at the same time, through this free easy to use app that’s made for all walks of life.

About MobiBlossom: MobiBlossom Solutions is a Vancouver based software development company that specializes in building high quality native mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as responsive HTML 5 mobile web apps. Their clients hail from various industries such as Community Awareness, Education, Special Hobby, and Business Services just to name a few. The company was founded in 2011 by Mina Sabbaghian, Neda Sabbaghian and Jeremy Smillie, who all have over a decade of experience in IT each. The founders gained experience through some of the biggest companies today. Vancouver being the newest start-up hub in North America has given MobiBlossom Solutions some strong roots. The company will take on all types of projects, from government all the way to start-ups with a goal of getting everyone’s idea out there on an app, as any idea can become the next big thing.