Vancouver Swap Party

For those fortunate to live in Vancouver, today we hosted a swap party for members in the Vancouver area.  The event was to celebrate FabSwapp’s birthday with the best way, by throwing a party.  We had hundreds of items to pickup and swap and everyone went home happy.

This swap party was hosted at Vancouver’s very own Roundhouse community center.  We would like to thank the staff at this facility for welcoming us into their space.  The Roundhouse community center is located in downtown Vancouver between the Cambie street bridge and the Granville street bridge.

fellow swappers around a table full of clothes

Swappers started showing up about 15 minutes before the event.  We planned this to be a very fast and furious swap party and make sure that everyone showed up on time so that no one would miss out on some great shopping.

swappers brought clothing by the suitcase full
so much swapping to do, so little time

How to Host a Swap Party

For those who wish to through a swap party in their area, we have some great tips for you.  The first thing is to keep it simple.  We have tried the elaborate swap parties where we servers food and beverages.  People come for the clothes and not the food.  If your not serving food then keep it short.  No one wants to wait around.  One hour is plenty of time for a swap event.  Tell your guest to arrive on time and let them know what time the swapping will start.  There is always time to layout the clothes before they begin.  Remember this is first come first server, so late comers will not get the best picks.

Add a cover charge, this will not only cover your expenses for hosting, but it guarantee’s users will show up as they have had to pay for the event.

Create a set of rules for your guest to help everyone enjoy the experience.  A good started is the following:

  • 5 item minimum bring
  • no damaged or stained items
  • no dirty clothing
  • no intimate wear (underwear)

Of course let your guest know that they can take as much as they want, there will always be left overs that can be donated to charity.

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