The FabSwapp Mobile App Featured and Reviewed on the Discovery Channel

On an Episode of the Technology Show Newswatch TV

Date: June 24, 2016

Fabswapp’s mobile app was featured on the technology show Newswatch TV and highlights the positive environment impact and benefits of using the app while demonstrating the apps functionality.  The Discovery channel initially contacted Fabswapp to be on the show and in the segment they encourage people to download the app and try it out, saying: “Instead of being part of that wasteful cycle check out Fabswapp.” And that Fabswapp is, “An Eco and financially friendly app that allows you to swapp clothes with other like-minded people.” The segment will be played again and also be featured on other video channels.

About Fabswapp

Fabswapp is an eco and financial friendly way to keep your closet constantly changing by being part of the local item swapping community. The app enables you to easily trade their pre-loved stuff with other people nearby. Most people are looking to get stuff for cheap or inexpensive; now you can find good quality items locally. Just imagine a mobile version of craigslist, consignment store, garage sale or yard sale but it is free and right in the palm of your hand!

Go ahead and exchange clothes including: women’s clothing, dresses, maxi dresses, party dresses, mens clothes, mens suits, men’s shirts, kids clothing, baby clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, games, books and more.

This app is for everyone from fashion forward girls and boys to game enthusiasts and book lovers. Download it from Google Play or iTunes.

Free Clothing App on Google Play
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