Now’s the time to start using FabSwapp!

It’s incredible how much clothes are going into landfills every year. It is a fact that Americans will send 10.5 million tons of clothing to land fills in 2016 and it’s only going to get worse. And now Americans are buying five times as much clothes as they did in 1980 and pretty soon with the growing population the waste numbers will increase. The US yearly population is estimated to grow at 0.73% and that will mean even more clothes will be purchased and then thrown away into landfills. Did you know that in New York City alone that clothes that people throw away account for six percent of all the garbage that is thrown into the landfills? This means that textiles are one of the worst contributors of garbage and it doesn’t need to be that way. Things like handbags, purses, dresses, kids clothing that are still good or baby clothes that can easily be swapped, but they out grew out of them as kids do very quickly. Even quality men’s clothes are thrown away and they could be swapped for other clothes or given away and re-used.

That’s what makeScreen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.21.02 PMs Fabswapp so effective in reducing clothing waste that is going into the landfills. If only 5% of the population in the US used Fabswapp that would reduce clothing waste by a considerable amount. Even now water bottles are been scrutinized and even banned in some cities like San Francisco. But clothes now are made to last and that’s why people pay good money to have the good designer labels on the little black dresses or expensive men’s suits that have fabrics that will last long enough to be passed down to his kids like an family heirloom.

People care about their looks and what they wear and want to be fashionable but that doesn’t mean they need to throw away good quality clothes when some one else can use it. Taking 5 minutes out of their day to take some pictures loads them on to Fabswapp and see if they can find a new home doesn’t take much. Even jeans can be passed to another person as they will last forever. Besides, if you look at expensive designer jeans today, people pay big dollars to have holes in those jeans. As they say, “It’s the look” to have them look well worn. And there are even some leather jackets and clothes that look faded to look well worn right out of the store.

Having an app like Fabswapp is made to save the environment and extend the life of clothes so they can live their full potential and much longer life expectancy. Like they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and that is true for clothes or even any household items. So, if you go through your closet and you see an old purse, handbag, baby clothes or even clothes that could be used for little girl’s games, then you should turn your smart phone into a waste saving device and make it really smart since it’s easy to do and it’s free. Besides, with Fabswapp you will even get rewarded with tokens that your can use to find something you like in return. You can’t even do that on Craiglist with cheap clothes, you still have to spend money on them. It’s time for everyone to download Fabswapp and start saving money and the earth…for free!