Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking of some great kids games that they can play to keep them busy and have fun. Since it’s summer and the weather is great, the outdoor games are the best and there are a few of them so break out the note pad we’re going to show you how to set them up. It won’t take you much either and if you go to Fabswapp now you’ll be able to quickly find everything you need for free.

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Dress Up Relay

The first game you can start with is the Dress Up Relay race. You will need to make sure all the girls and boys are dressed up in popular themes like: Pirates, Cowboys, Princesses, Sports Stars or even as everyday adults. Sometimes they simply like to dress up as mommy and daddy. Get on Fabswapp and start looking for things that they can wear and a good list to work with is: Oversized clothes or items like jackets, pants, dresses, hats, sunglasses, wigs, robes, shoes or boots and you can mix these up with women’s and men’s clothing. You can even find some handbags, purses or pack packs that they can use depending on how they want to dress.

When you are on the Fabswapp app, have them look to so they feel like they are getting involved in the selection process. You will also need to get a small stool to sit on, some accessories or things to hand out as rewards for winning each race and a stopwatch or timer. Don’t forget the bright pylons and things like flags that will enable you to make a course for them to follow. The Dress up relay is fun and easy to play. You will need a recorder for them to play (this instrument looks a lot like a flute).

Once the kids are all dressed up and having fun, they will have a race around the course you set up and at the end of the race they will have to play a tune on the recorder. They will then have to get back on the course and run the race again until you have a winner. They can change their costumes for each race as well to make it interesting. Try and get them to focus on what clothes they want to wear and make sure you have a good assortment of clothes and accessories for them to choose from like: pirates – with boots, hats, plastic accessories like swords, princesses will need tiaras, big hoop skirts, necklaces and wands.

You can even have country themes like Hawaiian clothes, Ukrainian, African, Indian or whatever country they want to dress like. This will also be educational and they can even learn some culture with this angle. A few other games you can play are the water balloon toss, scavenger hunts and fun beach game for kids like the sand castle building competition.

Once again you won’t need to spend any money on these games if you go to Fabswapp and find toys, accessories and games you can take to the beach absolutely free. As you look through the app it will also inspire you to think of games you can invent and come up with. The idea is to have fun and be creative, you never know what you will be able to swap for or use your rewards to get the clothes and items you need. There are lots of great outdoor games that you can have your little boy or girl play dress up games this summer.

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Birthday Party Clothes for kids

You will be able to find everything you need on Fabswapp for them to dress up for birthdays over the summer and in a theme they like; and you’ll have great memories you will cherish for a lifetime. The best thing is to keep it simple, structured and always have a reward for them at the end of each game level. Remember, this is a good time for them to educate them about swapping clothes and have them trade with the other kids so they to can learn how to save the environment and reuse clothes so they don’t end up filling up our landfills. After all, that is a good habit to start at an early age. Have fun and enjoy your summer.

Get everything you need to play the kids game that will keep them entertained for hours this summer! You can download the Fabswapp app now on Google Play or Apple iTunes and find something you love for free. You’ll be saving money and the environment and that is best for both. Help us reduce the waste in landfills and give your kids the clothes they can use all summer long.

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