Summer is here and now that the kids are out of school, you’ve probably started to plan for the summer vacation and with the cost of raising a family you know the vacation budget is going to be tight. So we are here to help give you some good tips to make sure you vacation is amazing and doesn’t break the bank.

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Big Cities Can Mean Big Prices

First of all, avoid going to a place that is too expensive, like a big city or where there are a lot of tourist attractions that will cost you lots of money. You can still go but just avoid most of the tourist attractions where you have to pay a lot to get in and see something. And avoid spending money on all the souvenirs and expensive restaurants that are tourist traps. Plan ahead and make lunches and snacks and put them in the cooler so they last throughout the day. Sometimes just being there and taking in all the sights and sounds is all you need and some great pictures for the memories and being together as a family.

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Pack Right and Light

Next thing is to pack right. If you decide to travel by plane, try and keep it domestic so you stay in the country. Once you decide to go to Europe or overseas, it gets really expensive. Take only what you need as airlines are now really aggressive with charging for extra and over weight bags. Besides, it’s summertime, you really don’t need that much clothing and whatever you take is going to be really light like shorts, shirts, dresses, sandals, light pants and maybe one pair of jeans. Take a good sized handbag with you or a big purse as airlines allow that as a carry on so you can put lots in there.

Where ever you decide to go, do your homework first on the area and find out how to get coupons and gift cards for the places you want to go and the restaurants where you want to eat that have discounts. You can usually get them all online and they will have map on the site so you don’t waste time, money and gas trying to find the place. Try and avoid the tourist trap places and look for where the locals hang out. When you get a couple miles out of town, you can usually find where the locals hangout and it’s busy and you get to find out more about what they are doing and it’s usually a better experience.

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Use All Forms of Transportation

Forget about renting the car when you can use Uber or public transportation. And, if you use a taxi or other forms of transportation that are operated by the locals, it’s a great way to find out what the best things are to do when you get there, as they all are from there and have a wealth of information. Just ask and you will be surprise what you find out. Remember when you’re on vacation to check out your Fabswapp app and see what else is available on there for your trip; you never know there may be a local Fabswapp user that’s eager to swap some cool clothes or items while on your trip. They are everywhere!

FabSwapp Has Everything You Need

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Summer vacations do not have to be expensive and finding things for free will set you on the right path to an affordable vacation. You can download the Fabswapp app now on Google Play or Apple iTunes and find something you love for free. You’ll be saving money and the environment and that is best for both. Help us reduce the waste in landfills and give your family a great vacation and the memories of a lifetime. 


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