Weight Loss

The top New Years Resolution is always to loose the weight you gained over the last year.  Pants and shirts that fit you last new years, not longer fit.  People swear that they will go to the gym and work off the extra weight and they can reuse those old clothes.  Unfortunately most people fail at diets and exercise for the main reason they gained the weight in the first place.  Not enough time and life priorities.  Does this mean just give up?  No, you should aim more at trying to prevent adding more weight and maintaining.

Spend Less, Save More

People are natural consumers,  people love to buy items and collect stuff.  Peoples natural desire to spend prevents them from saving.  Most people rack up their credit cards and prevents them from putting any money into savings.  Marketing companies do not want you to save your money, their focus is to get you to spend it.  Most people fail at saving money because they have a need to add new stuff into their lives.  Of course there are items that you just have to spend money on, like food.  But others there are ways to bargain and get for free, such as clothing and electronics.

Spend More Time with Friends

Majority of people believe their lives are extremely busy and they have no time for friends.  Getting organized and finding ways to save time, means that you can use that time to spend time with friends.  Well although this sounds great in theory, most people when they gain those extra 5 minutes tend to use them to just be lazy and get some much needed alone time.  The true way to spend more time with friends is to actual start a hobby with your friends.  This way your down time is your fun time.

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