Who We Are

Why Did We Create FabSwapp

FabSwapp was created by the staff at MobiBlossom Solutions as a side project to make a difference in our community.  Many businesses have taken on these volunteer projects in many ways such as street clean up programs, youth development programs and other programs that help people in need.

In June 2015, we took on a challenge to find a meaningful project that could play our skills and strengths to create a positive impact on our society in an eco-conscious way. We did our research and came up with the idea of saving reusable resources from entering our landfills by making a mobile app that would help users barter their no-longer-needed items for what they need locally.

During our meetings about this project we came across a few pro’s and cons and compared to other people who have attempted the same feat. and failed.  Most swapping required a one to one swap which ruled out a lot of great pairings.  Also a lot of swap sites allowed people to pick from a large pool and did not allow the user to browse items only close to them.  We worked hard at finding a solution that did not require shipping.

The end result is FabSwapp.  We designed and developed this app for you.  We also appreciate any feedback to make FabSwapp even better.

Team Members

Mina Sabbaghian

Mina loves to look great. Having a complete wardrobe that allows her to mix and match is important.  Mina; like so many others believe that once an item is no longer used, it should be given to someone who can use it.

Favorite Item: Dresses
Favorite Accessory: Shoes
Why FabSwapp: To stop throwing away usable items

Jeremy Smillie

Jeremy likes to wear a different t-shirt every day.  His collection is extensive and wants to keep growing it. Jeremy loves to barter. He believes that a shoe is worth 3 t-shirts.

Favorite Item: T-Shirts
Favorite Accessory: Belts
Why FabSwapp: There needs to be a way to swap clothing for different sizes instead of one to one.

Neda Sabbaghian

Neda is very social and loves to stand out in a crowd.  Having clothing that matches her personality is very important to her.  She believes that a person should dress how they feel and that if their clothing does not match then trade it up.

Favorite Item: Skirts
Favorite Accessory: Jewelry
Why FabSwapp: Too many unused clothes that deserve a new home